IDOL® Movie Magic™: Professional Vyond® Animations

Issued by IDOL courses

Earners are able to create professional Vyond® animations. They know how to use the Vyond® software and apply the basic principles of animation to their videos. These candidates have demonstrated the correct application of the principal features of Vyond. They are able to design and develop an animation in Vyond® for a variety of purposes and situations.

Storyline® for IDOLs®: Articulate Storyline® Skilled

Issued by IDOL Courses

By the end of this course students are skilled in the Articulate Storyline® software. They are able to identify and interact with the user interface, create their first project, add buttons and hotspots, add layers and lightboxes, add drag and drop interactions, create user input interactions, insert media and audio, add animations and transitions, create quizzes, and publish the files for review, the LMS, or in HTML formats. Learners demonstrate and apply each skill throughout the course.

IDOL Courses Academy Certificate

Issued by IDOL Courses

This certificate is awarded to the members of the IDOL Courses Academy that complete their website, one eLearning course, and two other learning materials for their portfolio in 8 weeks.

Issued by LinkedIn Learning

Unlock the power of Articulate Storyline 360. Learn next-level tools and techniques for building engaging and interactive elearning. In this course, David Anderson shows you how to use advanced features in Storyline 360 to keep learners hooked and moving seamlessly through the training you create. He demonstrates how to build custom templates with your organization's preferred colors, fonts, and design elements and save and share them with your team. Next, learn how to use variables to create dynamic and personalized learning experiences that adapt to a learner's activity. You can also discover how to use conditional branching to create quizzes and scenarios that adapt to an individual user's progress, create custom characters for presentations, and build custom navigation with bookmarking. Plus, find out how to set up comparison slides that compare learner responses to expert answers, and how to randomize scenarios with variables.

Learning objectives

  • Building custom templates

  • Using variables

  • Displaying the learner's name

  • Adding conditional branching to quizzes

  • Adding conditional branching to scenarios

  • Customizing characters

  • Customizing navigation

  • Creating compare-contrast slides that accept learner input

  • Randomizing scenarios

Issued by LinkedIn Learning

Articulate Storyline 360 was designed to help trainers and elearning creators build interactive courses that hook a learner’s interest and lead to greater retention of the content. In this course, instructor David Anderson goes over pedagogy and theories of learning as he steps through how to create engaging, interactive projects using this powerful elearning authoring tool. Learn how to work with the building blocks of interactivity in Storyline, including slides, layers, and triggers; customize the elearning experience; and guide learners in scenario and situational learning. Plus, learn how to create interactive videos, work with dials and sliders to let learners explore cause and effect relationships, and more.

Learning objectives

  • Elements of interactivity

  • Using slides and scenes

  • Working with layers

  • Customizing the slide design

  • Working with built-in and custom states

  • Adding interactivity with triggers

  • Working with dials and sliders

  • Converting static content into knowledge checks

  • Creating branching scenarios

  • Making interactive videos

Issued by LinkedIn Learning

Captivate is a leading elearning authoring tool from Adobe that allows for the rapid creation of interactive learning content. In this course, David Rivers helps you get acquainted with the 2019 version of Adobe Captivate. David demonstrates how to create new elearning projects, add assets and interaction, work with audio and video, set up quizzes, and publish your elearning content in HTML5 to ensure that learners can view it on their mobile devices. Plus, David highlights features in Captivate 2019 that can help enhance the workflow of users who are familiar with Captivate, but have yet to work with this version of the software.

Learning objectives

  • Explore how to build, preview, and close projects.

  • Create responsive projects.

  • Use Fluid Boxes to make your work more flexible.

  • Edit master slides.

  • Add and program buttons.

  • Select the best file format for your project.

  • Add closed captions and voiceovers.

  • Explore other eLearning platforms, including SCORMs.

Issued by LinkedIn Learning

Explore the work you need to do as a manager before a new employee’s first day, and find out about ways to make their first 90 days and beyond a successful experience for everyone. Discover the value of tasking another employee to act as a guide for your new employee, and find out about the role of human resources in the onboarding process. Instructor Todd Dewett shares insights about onboarding that can help you make your new hires feel welcome, informed, and ready to contribute.

Learning objectives

  • Preparing to onboard

  • Onboarding in context

  • Activities before the first day

  • Addressing internal tasks

  • Exploring your role as manager

  • Assigning a buddy and a mentor

  • Setting new employees up for success

  • Examining the new employee's role

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